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Shower Steamers
 Shower Steamers are an aromatherapy product much like a bath fizzy, only formulated for your shower and scented with essential oils.  Choose the scent for the mood you want to create.  Each steamer weighs 1.75 oz or more.  Please click on the underlined name for product ingredients.
Scent Choices  Eucalyptus Spearmint / Lavender / Orange Patchouli / Patchouli / Peaceful Slumber / Peppermint Ice
Price  $ 2.25
2.5 oz. Fizzy Cupcakes - fragrance oil
 Fizzy Cupcakes are a favorite across all age groups!  All the fun of a standard fizzy with the added benefits of cocoa butter!  Your skin will thank you! Please click on the underlined name for product ingredients.
Fragrance Oil Scent Options  Aloe Cucumber / Bamboo Grass / Black Raspberry Vanilla / Coconut / Coconut Lime Verbena / Cucumber Melon / Gardenia / Honeysuckle.Hugo Boss / Lemon / Lilac / Love Spell-type / Nag Champa / Oatmeal Milk and Honey / Ocean Mist / Roses / Sandalwood / Sexy Little Thang / Strawberry Champagne / Vanilla
Price  $ 3.50
2.5 oz. Fizzy Cupcakes - essential oil
 Fizzy cupcakes scented with essential oils is a true spa experience!  Turn your bath into an aromatherapy experience.  Please click on the underlined name for product ingredients.
Es  Cedarwood / Eucalyptus / Eucalyptus Spearmint / tHoney Almond / Lavender / Lavender Cedarwood / Lavender Mint / Lavender Rosemary / May Chang / Orange Peppermint / Patchouli / Patchouli Orange / Peaceful Slumber / Peppermint / Rosemary / Rosemary Mint / Spearmint
Price  $ 3.75
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